Timucua Indian Educational Program

Pre-European Florida 1565

"Incredible!  It taught me a textbook full of facts about the Florida American Indians I didnít know! 

They should bring in every 4th grade class to see this." 

- Joanna from St. Augustine, FL

The natives of North Florida were known as the Timucua Indians and their settlement in this area was called the Village of Seloy. These Native Americans were said to be a handsome people with most achieving an average height of 6 feet or more. They were hunters, gatherers, and farmers.

The women took care of the home, children, and cooking while the men provided food and protection for the family.

These Indians developed a way of life that enabled them to live and prosper in the world they lived in.

Students experience pre-European life in old Florida.

On Site Activities

 Native American games

 Dug Out† canoe making

 Jewelry making

 Corn grinding

 Indian tools


 Face Paint





7900 Old Kings Road N.

Palm Coast, FL 32137

904-824-8874 or 386-446-7630

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